High Definition MelaPixel Tanning Techonology Exclusive combination of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and oxygen  accelerate colour development and amplify colour protection. For the true fashionista who loves to be noticed!  You will be the queen of Haute Couleur. Feed skin tan-loving nutrients with Agave Nectar® Deliver high grade skin care and moisturization for potent tanning results with Hemp Seed Oil Smooth skin for improved UV penetration with Coconut Oil Soothe, Smooth, and hydrate skin to enhance and preserve color with Aloe Butter Introducing a modern take on the classic HD Starlet. An inimitable sense of style. A penchant for attracting admiring stares. Your body is a canvas, and what you're putting on it is the deepest, darkest, most decadent tan imaginable.
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