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Color Technology Each year we challenge our research and development team to formulate products that consistently deliver expert results. Utilizing our expertise and affiliation with ingredient suppliers around the globe, California Tan® remains at the forefront of product, ingredient and fragrance trends to offer you the latest skin care advancements available. Our dedication to the scientific integrity of our formulations promises that our clients' receive unrivaled color results. The Science of Tanning Founded in 1987, California Tan® has over 20 years of experience in the development of innovative, cutting-edge sun care products. Inspired by the carefree, sun-kissed lifestyle of the golden state, California Tan® sun care products have built a world renowned reputation and brand recognition synonymous with proven tanning technology and the positive effects of the sun. No other professional tanning company has such a rich legacy. No other company can provide you with the complete package. We are the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor tanning products, combining advanced Color Technology™ with premium skin care. No matter how you want to achieve your golden glow, we've got you covered. Experience the Sexy Side of Science™. Visit for more information.
THREE STEPS TO SEXY Step 1:  Dark Tan Builders to build a rich, golden brown base tan Step 2: Dark Tan Boosters for deep, dark results beyond the tanning plateau Step 2+: Dark Tan Optimizer  for faster, deep, dark results beyond the tanning plateau Step 3:  Dark Tan Extenders to preserve, protect and extend the life your tan
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