Before and After Spray Tanning
Proper Preparation Is The Key To Any Beauty Treatment Before Spray Tanning As Easy As 1-2-3 1. EXFOLIATE:   Proper exfoliation will promote even coverage and will lengthen the duration of your BEACH  BODY  TAN ® by removing dead flakes of skin that would otherwise flake off creating patches. Only use a product formulated for Spray Tanning or use a plain washcloth or loofah. Some Exfoliators and Body Scrubs have added minerals, oils and cream which will inhibit absorption of the Spray Tanning Solution. Do not wear perfume, body lotion or deodorant.  2. WAX, SHAVE, LASER TREATMENT: These should be done before Spray Tanning.   Waxing and Shaving after Spray Tanning will shorten the life of your Spray Tan. 3. WEAR LOOSE, DARK CLOTHING:  The cosmetic bronzer ( Colour Guide) may rub off on your clothing.  It will wash off most fabrics but may stain silk, nylons and lycra. After Spray Tanning Just as you would protect your hair colour and highlights from harsh products so too should you protect your BEACH  BODY  TAN® : 1. WAIT AT LEAST 8 HOURS BEFORE WASHING:  Your first shower should be a light warm one Avoid long hot baths or hot showers and gently pat yourself dry, do not scrub. It is normal to see some colour wash off with your first shower; this is the cosmetic bronzer which is also a colour guide. Please refer to What is A Spray Tan?    2. AVOID HARSH PRODUCTS: Certain body washes and bar soaps contain whitening agents and are high in PH levels that will result in a patchy tan. It is best to avoid these products for the duration of your tan. We recommend using a Body Wash formulated for Spray Tanning. Be careful of Chlorine in swimming pools. Long hot baths should also be avoided. 3. APPLY MOISTURIZER:  You cannot stop the natural cycle of shedding skin cells but you can keep your skin hydrated so that patchiness is reduced as your tan fades. Be careful not to use moisturizers with AHA (alphahydroxy acid) because they promote exfoliation.
Before and After Spray Tanning
What is a Beach Body Tan? Embrace Your Body ...  Seduce Your Skin
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