Reasonable Expectations
E mbrace Your Body   ...  S educe Your Skin
Spray Tanning is a wonderful safe alternative for the modern consumer who is concerned about wrinkles and brown spots caused by over exposure to the sun or tanning beds. We urge our customers to view Spray Tanning as they would any other beauty treatment be it a manicure, pedicure, make-up application or hair styling. It is a fabulous body cosmetic that can make us feel younger, thinner and sexier. We all feel and look better with a sun kissed glow. We love spray tanning but we also understand that it is not a magic potion. Would you leave chipped nail polish on your nails? Would you leave your hair in disarray days after your special event?  We are hoping that the answer is no. If your tan begins to fade unevenly then we suggest that you remove it.  There are companies that promise that their solution will fade evenly, but we have found that skin type and maintenance are also key factors.  Enjoy your tan and if you need to…remove it.
What is a Beach Body Tan? Embrace Your Body ...  Seduce Your Skin
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