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Is Spray Tanning Safe? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of DHA when applied topically to the skin.  DHA has been FDA approved since 1973. DHA has also been approved for Tanning Solutions by Health Canada, American Cancer Society,   Just as we recommend that you do not ingest your blushing powder or perfume we also recommend that Tanning Technicians take precautions not to spray directly into the nose, eyes and mouth areas of their clients. We also recommend wearing nose filters to protect the mucous membranes from the airborne spray. What is DHA and How Does It Work? DHA ( dihydroxyactorne) is the principle tanning agent used in all self-tanning and spray tanning formulas. DHA is an ingredient derived from sugar cane and beets, which reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create the darkening reaction or tan.  The colour developed by the DHA usually lasts 5-7 days and begins to fade as the top layer of the skin naturally exfoliates. >>> Read more about DHA. How Long Does It Take? A Beach Body Custom Spray Tan is a spray tan applied by a qualified technician in a Salon or Spa with our Airbrush or HVLP machine. The process, usually 8-15 minutes, will give you the result of days spent at the beach without any of the dangers associated with UV and UVB rays of the sun.  It is a great alternative for the modern consumer who is concerned about their health.  Will I be Orange? No, not with BEACH  BODY  TAN ® SOLUTIONS . Our solutions were developed for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean skin tones. Will I Be Patchy? If you do not follow the guidelines recommended for Spray Tanning you will probably experience patchiness.  The most common causes of a patchy tan are: 1 - skin that was not properly prepared for spray tanning, 2 - the use of harsh bar soaps or body washes that contain high levels of PH or whitening agents, 3 - dry skin, so it is crucial to moisturize your skin. How Long Should I Wait Before I Can Shower? DHA solutions take about 16-24 hours to fully develop. You will receive the best result if you can avoid bathing until the day after your sunless application.  If you must bathe, then you should wait a minimum of 8 hours after the application. Your first shower should be a simple rinse with warm water only.  Soap destroys DHA.  Delayed bathing allows the DHA bronzer sufficient time to complete its reaction with the amino acids within the skin. Try to refrain from physical exertion that could result in you sweating until you shower and wash off the cosmetic bronzer. Remember that Spray Tan Solutions and Self-Tanners contain instant cosmetic bronzers.  The cosmetic bronzer is the colour that is immediately visible during the session and it will wash off during the first shower, revealing the DHA bronze tan beneath.  If you are not aware of this you many think that your tan is washing down the drain! Will the solution stain my clothes or my hair? Salons recommend wearing loose, dark clothing to your session. The solutions are water based and will generally wash off most fabrics and bed sheets.  The solution will stain silk and nylon.  Most people will not see any affect on the colour of their hair. CustomerS with light blonde, gray or platinum hair may see some discoloration from the cosmetic bronzers initially, however, this colour will wash out with the first shower.  What is a Cosmetic Bronzer? The Cosmetic Bronzers that acts as a colour guide and gives immediate visible results in Spray Tanning are similar to those used in cosmetic foundations and bronzing powders. Will A Sunless Tan (A Spray Tan) Protect me from UV Rays? NO. BEACH  BODY  TAN ® SOLUTIONS do not have SPF protection. Is It Available For Men? Yes, of course.  Can a Pregnant Woman Be Spray Tanned? As you would before using any product on a pregnant client, recommend that she consult with her personal physician before tanning. However, BEACH  BODY  TAN ® SOLUTION is a non-toxic, food grade product that is not known to have any detrimental effects on an expectant mother.
Spray Tanning FAQs
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