Common Spray Tanning Mistakes
MISTAKE # 1 NOT REALIZING THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER PREPARATION & MAINTENANCE If a customer has dry skin that has not been exfoliated then they will be patchy. If your client is wearing under-arm deodorant then the area will turn green!   SOLUTION:  Use California Tan Exfoliator Wipes or a plain wash cloth in warm water.  Do NOT use a scrub that has oils or minerals that will impede the absorption of the solution.  MISTAKE # 2 OVER SPRAYING YOUR CUSTOMER Do not Spray Tan more than 2 coats on any client.  The skin will only absorb a certain amount of DHA. Over spraying will result in patchiness.  SOLUTION:  BEACH  BODY  TAN ® SOLUTION has vivid rich bronzers that will not disappoint your clients. You must educate your clients that the DHA tan will need hours to develop. MISTAKE # 3 SPRAYING THE HANDS, FEET AND ELBOWS  If a customer is over sprayed on these areas then they will have a "dirty" looking tan.  SOLUTION:  BEACH  BODY  TAN ® BODY  MILK  BARRIER  CREAM is formulated to work with your airbrush or HVLP gun to evenly cover these areas. We recommend that you increase your distance with the airbrush when spraying these areas.  MISTAKE # 4 APPLYING TOO HIGH A LEVEL OF DHA If the DHA level is too high for the skin type then the results will be unnatural and patchy.  SOLUTION: AT BEACH  BODY  TAN ® we have tailored our solutions for our clientèle living in the Gulf and in the Mediterranean that have been disappointed with the results of other solutions.  Our 10% DHA is vivid and rich. We recommend using the higher percentage of DHA only clients that are already tanned. 
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