How To Remove A Spray Tan
For  Salons and Spas that have a Jacuzzi or Shower available then this would be an additional treatment that you can offer your clientele. 1. PREPARE THE CLIENT The best method to prepare the client is to have them take a hot shower, hot Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, or steam room. The water, steam must be as hot as the client can stand- this will expand all of the pores to 30 times their actual size. Alternatively, the client should lie down on a table with hot compresses covering all of her body.  The compresses should be small face towels  and made as hot as the client can stand. 2. SCRUBBING It is recommended to begin scrubbing with the same hot compress on the parts of the body that have the least amount of fading.  Keep the customer warm and hot. Apply pressure when scrubbing. If properly scrubbed, all of the tan will disappear leaving only baby skin. The use of a body scrub is not recommended.  The best results will be achieved by using a hot, wet hand towel and applying pressure on the body. The essential element is to scrub with a hot, wet hand towel. 3: MOISTURIZING  Apply moisturizer on the Client's skin to finish the procedure leaving the skin soft and supple. SOLUTION:  BEACH  BODY  TAN ® BODY  MILK  BARRIER  CREAM is formulated to work with your airbrush or HVLP gun to evenly cover these areas. We recommend that you increase your distance with the airbrush when spraying these areas.  4: AFTER  The customer is now ready to begin spray tanning all over again! Remember that spray tanning is a cosmetic and that sometimes it should be completely removed.
How To Remove A Spray Tan What is a Beach Body Tan? Embrace Your Body ...  Seduce Your Skin
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